Skateboard/Scooter Sponsorships

How do I get sponsored? 

Like all skateboard shops, we get asked quite often about skateboarding sponsorships.  Here are a few things you need to know about getting sponsored. 

1)  You must be legitimately good at skateboarding or riding a scooter. If you just send in a video of you doing an ollie up a curb, for example, you’re not going to catch anyone’s attention. 

2)  You must have some quality footage of you skating/riding recently. A good editor will make your footage look professional. 

3)  Your request for sponsorship should be well thought through, including your expectations from us, as well as what you will do to represent us. Can you answer this question; why would we sponsor you..?  What are you going to do for Shawboard Pro Skate Ramps?   We are looking for people with a following who are able to share Shawboard pro skate ramps in a positive way, to many more people. In a way, its payment for advertising….and you’re the advert. We're not going to give you free ramp, simply because you sent us a YouTube video.  

If you live in the UK and have a good following on social media or believe we need to hear about you, contact us