ShawBoard Price Guide

We would recommend that you contact us for an accurate price for the exact ramp spec and delivery, however below is a price guide for self assembly kits...

Single Module

Half Pipes Kits

(up to 8' wide)

From £899 plus delivery...

Single Module Half Pipes any size, up to, a maximum 4' High x 8' Wide x 22' Long, and are priced from £899 plus delivery.

Double Module

Half Pipes Kits

(over 8' wide)

From £1495 plus delivery...

IMG_2117 (2).jpg

Double module Kits any size up to 4' high x 22' long from 8' wide up to max 16' wide are priced from £1495


Available on double module kits at 3' 5' or 6' High

From £120 each, in addition to the cost of your kit


Extensions are the platforms that you can add to a 4' high kit  allow you to make a split level platform of heights 3', 5' or 6'

Quarter Pipes

From £399 plus delivery

Quarter pipes are available up to a maximum height 4' and widths 6' and are priced from £399 plus delivery

Build Costs

If you are not the handy type, why not let the ShawBoard team come and take care of your ramp build...

The Half Pipe structure will require a flat and level surface on which to stand. If your plot isn't flat and level, this can be created using a matrix of paving slabs to give a level base. If you are unsure of how to go about this, we would recommend our  Foundation plan & how to guide details in our products section.

For exact pricing, We would require ramp spec and a build site postcode in order to quote exact for us to build, but, as a general rule for a single module standard ramp, the labour prices/options are:- (Price excludes the kit cost)


1. Structural Only builds from £990

This option includes construction of the base timber sections, the transition pods, the platforms, support posts and handrails. It would leave you with a fully constructed structural ramp which only needs the riding surface sheet material to be installed to complete. (This means installing typically 8 sheets of 8' x 4' plywood, 9 mm thick, onto the structure) This option is aimed at those customers who want the bulk of the work done, but are happy to put the finishing touches to the structure and claim the glory from the kids!

 Built to structural only level

Built to structural only level


2. Full builds from  £1250

This is as option 1. Plus we will also install the riding service sheet material for you, so that the ramp is ready to ride when we leave. This option usually pushes us into an additional day on site, hence the increase in cost.

(excludes kit cost & delivery above)

 Fully Built ramp

Fully Built ramp



Palletised couriered delivery is from £120 (for UK mainland, excluding some areas & Highlands and Islands) Please note some areas carry a surcharge for delivery. For an exact quote or overseas quotes please contact us

Foundation Plan & How to Guide

Foundation matrix plan/guide .... £29

A Bespoke plan with measurements for your ramp, showing how and where to position paving slabs, to support the key structural points of the ramp. Save the time and expense of paving the whole area under the ramp!


See our Terms and Conditions

Thanks to the guys who came and built our Half Pipe - its awesome and all done in 2 days!
— Rob Haley, Cambridge UK